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Hangzhou pond road on gas explosion caused by a sichuan cuisine restaurant two p

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Youth times dispatch on September 6, 2014, at 8 a.m., pond road 320 on this area, the police car, PTU stopped several vehicles, motor vehicles lights flash, and above 320 pond road side of sichuan restaurant as the center, scales a child broke ground, some scales a child even store several meters far, in the pond road motorways have - last night, the sichuan cuisine gas explosion happened.

This one with many food shops, have snakehead pavilion, South Korea restaurant, fast food shops, etc., decorating the same, on the street side is the glass. Sichuan restaurant, located on the pond road 320, this is the home, the door still stands the trademark of "chongqing hot pot".

After gas explosion, store on street side of the glass, has broken ground, scales a child covered by road, the non-motor vehicle lanes, attached to stop at the store a black chery cross-country and a white BMW was also suffered, in addition to car Windows, roof are scales a child, chery hood has a sag, it is the right of BMW has a few scratches.

"Fortunately, at that time nobody on the road, or the glass came out, risk is big." Chapter chuan yuan restaurant next door is a snakehead pavilion, the boss was in the store please relatives and friends to have a meal, have the Mid-Autumn festival, "suddenly heard next door" bang "sound, sound is very big." When they ran out to see, the glass has burst.

Chapter boss memories, at that time, a man ran from the inside, feeling from coming out of the fire, grey head on the surface of the scale, was still awake. Chapter boss to look inside the shop, saw inside the fire, the fire is not very big, zhang boss trained in fire fighting of common sense, know to put the fire out first before big up, first take the pipe rush in and put the fire out.

"In general, it is not very big." Though the glass broken ground, chapter boss guess, there is a gas leak in the kitchen, the shop assistant did not notice at the time, ignition, this just explode.

Is the restaurant owner and the attendant was injured, the store opened three or four years, yesterday was the first time this happens. Subsequently, the reporter learns from ZheYi courtyard, income two injured yesterday, are women, by the deadline, the per capita not life threatening.

In addition, it is reported from zhaohui is in the evening when they received the fire alarm, out 2 fire truck, to the scene to rescue the four gas bottle. The cause of the explosion, the likelihood is reach a certain concentration of gas explosion, the blast influence is bigger, directly caused the personnel were injured and damaged vehicle.