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Habitat gas deflagration caused by injured

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13 years on November 29 22 am, Jiading District, Taoyuan District, Building 12 Room 601 residents within the room gas deflagration accident occurred, causing a dead 2 injured. At present, the police ruled out suicide possible.

Among them, the solitary room 601 Shanghai local woman has a certain degree burns, but the floor collapsed, with the indoor unit 501, a 62-year-old Shanghai native man smashed unfortunately died, a household room 502 was broken glass scratched forehead. Due to an accident can cause damage to the housing structure, Jiading town streets have already transferred 53 residents to nearby hotels transition. Transitional phase, the transfer costs borne by residents street. Yesterday, the ongoing safety monitoring.

Incident blown residential balcony

Yesterday afternoon, Wensu Road 42, Lane Taoyuan district, around 12 Building deflagration has been cordoned off since. Even residents had lived here, also need to be allowed to wear a helmet before they can enter.

The accident occurred on the south side balcony to 601 rooms, in addition to a beam, but no other objects. Adjacent two residential balcony a recessed windows still severely deformed structure, the other half remaining fan shaky screens. Building 12 houses each household 5th floor to the third floor were damaged site. Among them, the air conditioning unit in room 301 on the wind swinging bracket broken windows ten households have damaged to varying degrees. Downstairs in the green belt and the ground was covered walkway broken window frames and glass. Building 6, Building 12, even close to the south side of the glass was also found to have broken.

Before the explosion of a gas smell inside the cell

For the process of the incident, Wensu Road 42, Lane Taoyuan district many residents have come to summarize "his life had never heard a loud bang."

This "boom" sound occurs at 22 am the day before. "Meanwhile, the house followed by shaking a few times." Living in Building 6, Zhang aunt description, without warning the situation shocking. Huge impact not only spread to the adjacent building and 12 yielded several houses, a district resident, said a few hundred meters outside the west gate of the cell, but also the incident shaking violently.

According to the description residents bombed ruins within the chamber 601 houses. When the explosion, but also triggered a fire. Xunde charred by fire house roof. The door was thrown blasted buildings corridor. In addition to the balcony blown, there are a good few floors. Jiading district belongs to the town streets stakeholders, lived in Room 601 female owners of more than 40 years, the people of Shanghai. However, a direct hit by the collapse of the cement floor of the chamber 501, a 62-year-old Shanghai native men. He smashed in the head after his sleep, was killed. Surrounding residents that the head of household and the other two partners in Jiading plant opened, usually living alone here, weekend back to the city to live. Night of the incident, rushed to his wife and children from the urban area in Jiading.

During the interview, some of the residents mentioned in the beginning of the day of 18:00, there will be a gas smell drifting in the cell. In this regard, the street aspect to be confirmed, but its introduction, when people through simple investigation did not find the source of the smell, so give up.

Start dangerous yet assessed

After the incident, the relevant departments, police, fire and other gas companies rushed to the scene to carry out investigation. Currently, Jiading town streets already divided into 10 groups of staff, responsible for maintaining order at the scene, residents of resettlement, external liaison work.

Zhang aunt said, and the 8th Building 12 and Building 10 near the fear of many residents are afraid to return to dangerous moment the house.

"In the beginning of the night, the street decided to transfer serious impact on the residents affected." Jiading town streets official said yesterday, because of concerns about the housing structure, and some lines may be deformed in the explosion, dangerous. Shift range to Room 601 on the 12th of origin, external radiation. Qianri Wan, street safety has 33 residents transferred to the nearest star Jinjiang Hotel transition.

"To determine how the damage to the house, in order to decide whether residents can return home." Street stakeholders yesterday, said the time is still impossible to predict the end of the resettlement work.

Jiading town streets introduced yesterday, housing construction experts to conduct a preliminary investigation of the incident affected the larger of the 10th and the 12th, 4th Floor, more than two units of households. Under the expert advice, there are 53 residents transferred to the hotel. In addition, there are some residents choose to relatives and friends. Transitional phase, the transfer costs borne by residents street. Yesterday morning, the streets for residents to send free breakfast and blood pressure lowering drugs for the elderly, such as free standing.

Yesterday, after the end of the street side said that the police investigation will be needed, such as whether to start dangerous assessment. Yesterday afternoon, the glass surrounding residential building repair work has also been started. The exact cause of the accident is still under investigation in the relevant departments.