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Hohhot held a press briefing gas leakage accident

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February 12 afternoon, Hohhot Government Information Office held a new city hotel parking lot on the south side Bayantala natural gas leak accident news briefing.

Meeting about the February 11th place in the new city hotel parking lot on the south side Bayantala natural gas leak accident in the relevant circumstances. 10 o''''clock that morning, the company fired five groups of six players to repair the discovery of a gas leak in the motor vehicle parking fees Bayantala hotel Tingpang maintenance valve well implemented, including two wells valve repair team to enter maintenance operations the other four people in charge of monitoring Inoue. 11:30 or so, the maintenance section of the underground mine gas leak led to suffocation players, Inoue four people to start the rescue immediately and notify the fuel companies repair center sent reinforcements. Repair by Inoue four players and four players reinforcements rescue efforts, two members were rescued suffocation and sent to Inner Mongolia Medical University Hospital for treatment. Among them, a man died of his wounds, and the other one by hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been out of danger, can now eat normally. Players involved in the rescue of seven people with varying degrees of symptoms of hypoxia, oxygen therapy after vital signs returned to normal, there are six players are undergoing discharge procedures, plans to recuperate from the hospital tonight.

After the accident, Hohhot government immediately launched the emergency plan, the traffic control department closed local roads, public security departments to set safe area, the fire department on the scene spraying diluted, the company organized burning down the job and repair the leak. Hohhot Mayor Qin Yi, Municipal Committee, vice mayor of Sun Jianhua, deputy mayor, the city Public Security Bureau and relevant departments responsible comrades 趙云輝 rushed to the scene to direct rescue work, and put forward specific requirements for rescue work: First at all costs to rescue the injured players, and to do the work to appease the families of the deceased, properly handle the aftermath; Second, the relevant departments should organize rescue work accident scene to avoid secondary disasters; Third, continue to carry out the hidden danger, replicability , to prevent the occurrence of similar incidents. Sun Jianhua and departments responsible comrades to the hospital to visit and condolences treated repair team, asked relevant departments and medical institutions to organize treatment. Gas leak repair work on the same day 16:00 to complete the accident, 17 Newsletter prone areas returned to normal traffic order.

Currently, Hohhot government accident investigation team has been stationed in the enterprise, to carry out a full investigation on the cause of the accident. In addition, the city of Hohhot gas facilities will conduct a comprehensive safety inspection, effectively eliminating safety hazards, to prevent similar incidents from happening again.