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Wenzhou, a residential suspected gas leak occurred

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On the 12th, residents of the home Longgang Town, Cangnan a suspected gas leak occurs, resulting in three deaths and two injuries, the dead included a woman and two young boys.

The night before the incident, had heard the homeowner households with Lee Dong''s home has been leaking, so the next day, Lee came knocking home, but no one answered. Until noon, Lee''s brother came to the door in a hurry, we discovered that something was wrong: the bathroom a mother and son lying on the ground, homeowners also a three bedroom into a coma. After the rescue, Lee and his wife survived, the other three deaths.

It is understood that the bathroom mother died from Jiangsu, Xiaomou woman is the wife of Lee friend, a few days with this five-year-old son to Lee''s house guest. Night of the incident, Lee back to the room to sleep in after dinner to midnight vomiting, weakness and other symptoms, then groggy sleep, wake up, such as when dawn. He barely got up and found his wife unconscious son already, I thought certainly gas poisoning. When conscious while Lee set aside calls to his brother, and fainted.

Despite the rescue, Xiaomou and his son, Lee''s 12-year-old son still died.

According to Lee recalled the night at home all the windows shut, he suspected that the bathroom water heater gas leaks, resulting in carbon monoxide poisoning. But doctors believe that the current admissions look more like symptoms of food poisoning, specific reasons, such as the testing data needed to confirm it.

Currently, Cangnan police investigation, the specific reasons for the timely publication.