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release date:[2016-05-12]     Click rate: JA8501 PIPING CUT-OFF PROTECTIVE VALVE

Jia’an security cut-off valve is the most novel and advanced protector of fuel gas using among the similar products at home and abroad recently. It is very necessary in family cooker to guarantee the safe housing.

Major Function & Advantage:

1.Over-flow Cut-off Function: When the fuel gas rubber tube is fallen off loosely, burnt out, broken by biting of the mouse that causes surpassing the hypothesis current capacity, the safety valve will automatically cut off the source, and need the counter airflow direction to impel the red plastic circle to restore the source.

2.Over-pressure Protection Function: When the pressure regulator is out of work that causes the barometric pressure elevated suddenly and surpassed the security pressure, the safety valve automatically will cut off the source, and need the counter airflow direction to impel the red plastic circle to restore the source.

3. Cut-off Gas & Shut-off Function: When fuel gas pipeline stops to supply the gas because of breakout accident and the inspection and repair of the problems, the safety valve will cut off the gas source automatically. It needs manually pull up the switch knob to restore the source.

4.Energy Conversation and Discharge Reducing Function: The magnetic line of valve core makes the gas molecular group become atomization and enhances the heat efficiency, thereby reach the aimto save energy and reduce the harmful smog, in order to protect human health.

5. Over Low Pressure (Anti-backfire) Automatic Shut-off: When the pressure regulation station is out of work or other reasons, which causes the insufficient supply of the pressure in the gas pipeline, the protective valve will shut off the gas sources automatically to avoid the happen of backfire accidents.

6. Rubber Tube and Stove Tiny Leak Inspection Ability: It can automatically inspect the rubber tube whether it has tiny leak phenomenon or not.

7. When installing, it does not need to move the pipeline with the restriction of the direction, simple and convenient.

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