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release date:[2016-05-12]     Click rate: JA8402 SECURITY TIMING VALVES

First, Product Function

Timing function: The especially superior function of this valve is that it can cut off the gas source automatically in the fixed time to cease leakage opportunity of the fuel gas when the gas is not used.

Heat Sensitive Function: When other accidental fires happen in the kitchen, it can automatically protect itself to cut off the gas source in case the room temperature is surpassing 50℃.

Over-flow Cut-off Function: When the fuel gas rubber tube is fallen off loosely, burnt out, broken by biting of the mouse that causes surpassing the hypothesis current capacity, the safety valve will automatically cut off the source,and need the counter airflow direction to impel the red plastic circle to restore the source.

Over-pressure Protection Function: When the pressure regulator is out of work that causes the barometric pressure elevated suddenly and surpassed the security pressure, the safety valve automatically will cut off the source,and need the counter airflow direction to impel the red plastic circle to restore the source.

Energy Conversation and Discharge Reducing Function: The magnetic line of valve core makes the gas molecular group become atomization and enhances the heat efficiency, thereby reach the aimto save energy and reduce the harmful smog, in order to protect human health.

Second, Installation & Usage

Please install this product in the exit of the front valve of the fuel gas stove.

1. Please stop the source firstly, and take off the dust cap on the gas outlet of this product, and then connect its own connecting screw thread or rubber connector with the front valve of the stove.

Secondly, please insert rubber tube through the stove. (Note: Please leave a leeway between the rubber tube connector and the red plastic circle on the safety valve.).

2. Please recognize the positive and negative on the back cover accurately when loading the batteries. If it is loaded correctly, it will ring toot twice and automatically shut-off one time. Please open the valve after 3 seconds, and it will shut-off automatically after 90 minutes. If 90 minutes is insufficient, please open the valve in 3 seconds after shut-off and repeatedly use 90 minutes and then shut-off automatically.

3. When the installation is finished, please turn on the valve and the switch. If it is not ignited, please impel the knob marked on the safety valve and red plastic circle to the direction of the front valve of the stove. After reposition, it can work normally.

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